Salamat Gostaran Nikarman Co, the founder of Nooha brand, produces quality, heathy and natural food products. The company products came to the market in the summer of 2015. Using specialized workforce and also modern technology, this company has supplied various and standardized products in the market.


Salamat Gostaran Nikarman, the founder of Nooha has been honored to produce healthy and special food with the packaging which is suitable for Iranians’ taste.
Having initiative and creative workforce, this company has been able to produce food products inside and out of Iran by investing in the private section.


By 1400, becoming one of the five main companies providing Iranian healthy food and also one of the prominent companies in the chain of food industry in the world.


By relying and focusing on customer’s value and also respecting the nature, we are committed to perform, achieve and implement the following objectives:

  1. Continuous attempt to provide quality services, products, packaging and the activities along with customer satisfaction.
  2. Providing initiative products through research and finding potential talents exiting in Iran to increase products.
  3. Promoting the staff’s knowledge and motivation for teamwork.
  4. Entering the new markets in order to increase the sales points and the amount of production to achieve future goals.
  5. Pursuing and obeying the latest rules and regulations imposed in food industry and the related ones, respecting the environment through the activities in accordance with the relevant standards.